Venture Capital

At Hoesgen Investment Partners, we have been specializing in the Junior Mining, Energy, and Technology Sectors for over ten years. Our strategy is to invest in proven management who represent companies that are well structured, well financed, and well positioned for the future. In order to do that, we perform careful analysis on companies of interest. Our evaluation techniques include; comprehensive analysis of balance sheets and financial statements, site visits, meetings with management teams, and third party geological reviews.

In today's market, speculative investing has proven to be difficult for the 'regular investor'. At Hoesgen Investment Partners, we utilize our network, which includes many geologists and senior mining executives, to present the best financing options for our clients. We believe the following services help our clients achieve maximum returns in this 'high-risk high-reward' marketplace:

  • Real-time deal flow (Private Placements (PPs), Initial Public Offerings (IPOs), Secondary Offerings)
  • Stock option exercises
  • Warrant exercises
  • Exclusive investment opportunities
  • Processing non-brokered private placements

Our team focuses on timely use of the above services. In this volatile market, trade execution is becoming more important than ever. Our licensed staffs are able to execute trades immediately upon the request of our clients and 'work' orders using advanced trading strategies to get you the best fill price possible. Part of the advantage of having a team of advisors is that there is always traders in the office to execute the needs of our clients in real time. We are the sole advisory group for most of our high net worth clients due to our level of service, along with our access to Canaccord Genuity Wealth Management products.